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In 2016, we asked a lot of Australian Entrepreneurs about how they build a dynamic, purpose-driven culture. High on their list was recruiting and retaining employees who were the right fit for their company culture, and who wanted to be part of their 'tribe' - people who would bring their A game to work every day.

One way to do this is to run a personality, behavioural or other psychometric analysis test on your short listed candidate(s).

Harrison Assessment tests are different

Recruitment psychometric Test Harrison Assessments - Job Success Analysis Report
From the many personality, behavioural and other psychometric assessment tools available to help with recruitment, we chose Harrison Assessments (HA) to integrate into our purpose and culture work because it stems from what we believe - that if you find out what people really enjoy, and you intersect that with what really matters to the business, amazing things happen. Employees become passionate ambassadors for your brand and can't help but infect your customers with that same enthusiasm.

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What does a Harrison Assessment look like?

Recruitment psychometric test Harrison Assessments - suitability questionnaire
To use HA for recruitment, a candidate fills in a 25 minute online questionnaire, ranking their preference for various behaviours and environmental factors.  The survey contains numerous cross-checks to test for consistency and truthfulness.

Details of the test

Candidates rank 8 sentences on each of 18 pages, according to how well the sentence describes them. Notice the enjoyment-performance theory coming through (e.g: I like… I enjoy…). Candidates then rate 21 work preferences (from ‘no interest’ to ‘intense passion’) followed by a final ranking of 10 things the candidate would prefer from an employer (e.g.: flexible work practices).

How is a Harrison Assessment Analysed?

Recruitment psychometric Test Harrison Assessments - Paradox Graph Report
From this single survey, we then generate and debrief you on several insightful reports about the candidate's likely enjoyment of the specific job role they are applying for and how their profile of likely behaviour will fit into your company's culture.

One of the more fascinating reports contains the Paradox Graphs, which show how well the candidate is balanced in a number of seemingly opposite traits (such as frankness and diplomacy).

This Paradox Report and the Job Success Analysis Report (which measures how much they will enjoy the role) also tell you what behaviours you are likely to see when the candidate is placed under stress in the workplace.

Getting Started with Harrison Assessments

The best way to see if the Harrison Assessment test will work for your next hire is to request a free sample assessment on yourself. You'll find it amazingly insightful. Just remember to answer the questions truthfully or you won't get past the consistency checks ☺

Building an Awesome Team in a Rapid Growth Business

Co-founder of global fashion-tech juggernaut, JustFab’s Adam Goldenberg gives a frank and detailed look at how he used Harrison Assessments to peer into the likely behaviours of people before hiring, as he built an awesome team.

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What does Dr. Dan Harrison say about recruitment?

Harrison Assessments are used all over the world by the likes of Mastercard and Toyota.

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