We interviewed 33 founders and CEOs about Workplace Culture

Here's a quote from one of the inspiring entrepreneurs we spoke to, who’s business, with 120 employees, is growing at a phenomenal 600% p.a.

"Whenever we're making a decision at board level, or whether it's like leadership level, or just in the business generally, we always go back to it and go, ‘Does this align with our vision? Does this align with our credo? Our value system.’ I think it's really important, and it makes decisions easy … I love the fact that we're taking it global. I love the fact that we're going to take what we think is the best way to buy our (product) and disrupt markets all over the world, and eventually be this humongous tribe of (customers and employees), that are getting the most amazing (products) and experience and community. We can really do some amazing good for the world. I'm really passionate about that.”

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