In the early days of your business, it was most likely a few like minded people around your dining room table or in your garage, plotting and planning how you would take over the world.  Productivity was high, everyone knew what had to be done and whose job it was.  But as your business has grown, things have gotten more complicated and frustrating. 

Not all your employees share your passion or even know why you went into business in the first place.  In the early days of a business, you don't need lots of rules and controls; people tend to know what you stand for and how to behave to move the business forward.  But as it grows, most owners start to impose external rules and controls to keep the business productive and maintain a sense of order.  But ultimately, these rules work against the passion you would like your staff to have for the business and you find yourself feeling like the only one who really cares about your business.  This can be very tiring and unsustainable. 

At Salple, we come beside you to discover and craft the inspirational story behind your business, your industry and your future.  We build this narrative in such a way that it is inspiring, concrete and provides a higher purpose for you and your staff to gain direction from.