What's the source of great ideas in your business? The Founder? Chief Engineer? Your customers? Your staff?  In the most innovative businesses, the answer is All of the Above.  Innovation, by it's nature, challenges the status quo and implies change.  If your business is not agile, change can be threatening.  We've seen businesses where new ideas are treated like cancer - hunted down and destroyed as quickly as possible before they take root.

But innovation is one of the most exciting ways to engage your staff if done right.  You need a culture that allows idea embryos to grow a bit, and for small failures to be acceptable or even encouraged.  At Salple, we call them YALOs (Yet Another Learning Opportunity).  The lean startup community can teach us a lot about innovation.  It's central philosophy is to identify the highest risk element and test that element to reduce uncertainty then move to the next lowest risk element.  This way you iterate your way towards solutions that work.

Salple can help you with ideation (generation and shaping of ideas), scoping (fleshing out risk hierarchies) and implementation of innovations and innovation culture.