In the past, the goal for many organisations was to create economic value for shareholders or owners. In other words "making money". Quite often with a short term focus and less concern about the longer term implications.

While for many organisations this profit focused approach has been successful, it has come at a cost. We're seeing the effects of those trade offs in diminishing public trust of large business, shortening life span of organisations, plummeting levels of employee engagement and even negative effects on the environment.

Today, people are looking for organisations that have a purpose broader than just making money. Rather than viewing profit as the primary goal of an organisation, progressive leaders see profit as a by-product of their success.  They aim to do well by doing good.

Organisations with a strong sense of shared purpose have less systemic frustrations.  They are clearer on their priorities and there is less pain in decision making and internal politics.  A clear and compelling purpose attracts great talent, committed shareholders, willing partners and builds a loyal and passionate following of fans (customers).  

We'd love to explore with you why your Purpose is the competitive advantage you've been looking for and the magnet that will attract people who share your passion.