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Our purpose is to help leaders excite and delight the human spirit

We do this by helping leaders co-create and activate authentic, living culture codes for their organisations.


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Our Founders

Michelle Brien


Whilst I’ve been consulting for many years, the businesses that have fascinated me most are those with a compelling purpose – passed on by their founder and lived through their people. A purpose that is infused through every aspect of the culture, aligning and engaging employees and attracting passionate and loyal customers.

Most of my career, I’ve been fortunate to work for companies with powerful cultures, strongly aligned to a compelling purpose. After joining the Cancer Council of Victoria I saw first-hand the power of a strong shared purpose - curing cancer! And then in the Pharmaceutical Industry, where the experience I gained from working in the Medical, then Marketing teams for a large multi-national organisation has been invaluable throughout my career.

I was able to draw on these experiences when I co-founded a manufacturing business - and learnt first hand the joys and challenges of having your own business. The business was very successful and went on to exit via a trade sale.

Prior to starting Salple, I worked with CEO’s and their leadership teams in South Africa and Australia, helping to design and facilitate the conversations that allowed them to align their strategy, brand and culture, and engage employees.

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Glenn Brien


I used to think there was a technology solution to every business problem. Starting as a programmer, I spent years developing and marketing disruptive technology. At ANCA, we commercialised my PhD research and over the intervening years this has contributed over $1B to Australia’s export sales. It was disruptive innovation in the true sense of the term - and an exhilarating ride.

In the years since, consulting in product development and marketing, there’s one blocker that I’ve consistently run into - Culture. As businesses grow, they hit a point where “getting things done” gets harder and harder. Where the Entrepreneur’s passion doesn’t ripple down and engage employees. And where without that founding passion, innovation starts to dry up and doing more of the same doesn’t provide the results leaders are looking for.

I’ve always had a keen interest in psychology and neuroscience and recognised that what I was seeing was a failure to really galvanise around a central purpose, with a powerful and aligned culture to support it. Most businesses were not leveraging their purpose or the “why” behind their business. When you can connect your own purpose in some way to the organisation’s purpose – you achieve a level of discretionary effort that is truely “win win”. After studying the literature and conducting our own research with Australian business founders, we felt that we had something unique to offer Australian businesses. My tech and marketing background, combined with Michelle’s organisational development, marketing and research background are the perfect combination to help founders, CEO’s and HR managers leverage culture and purpose to execute their strategy.

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The Salple Collective

The Salple Collective is a group of people who work with us and who believe in our purpose of helping leaders excite and delight the human spirit through co-creating and activating authentic, living culture codes. Some work directly for Salple. Some have their own businesses. But all share a passion for the power of culture to make business better.

Kristi McKenzie

Brand Strategist & Culture Consultant

I help passionate business owners uncover their true brand and connect with their ideal customers for real business growth. It’s my favourite thing to do. I have eagle eye observations, an analytical approach mixed with an insatiable creative mind. I co-create with purpose-driven business owners to distil their true meaning and purpose, analyse the competitive landscape a take a deep dive into the hearts and minds of their customers.

A brand strategy helps to clarify the business identity and core purpose and story. The process brings unity and empowers the whole team with greater insights on where to focus and how to communicate. By better understanding the audience and how to communicate with them, along with clarity on what's most important, we create a brand that truly reflects your people, your purpose and your personality.

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Jennifer Tod

HR Strategist & Culture Consultant

My earliest explorations of cultures involved spending some of my high school years overseas where my own assumptions of culture, or “the way things are done around here” were unpacked, dismantled and explored from a new vantage point. This curiosity to see the world through the eyes of different groups of people has stayed with me throughout my career.

More recently the unique experience of being involved in a school start-up and producing culture end-to-end has meant that I have been very conscious of the process to guide and maintain a high-performing learning culture where people are placed at the centre.

My most recent training with Harrison has extended my language and insight into how individuals, teams and organisations can best work together, celebrating diversity, inclusion and the benefits both personally and to the bottom line that these provide for companies in the modern context.

Having spent considerable time looking at the mechanisms of organisations such as financial acumen and reporting, operational policies and procedures, I see the value of these aspects to support well-formed strategy. However, I am left with no doubt that culture brings all of these threads together to provide the autonomy that high-performing companies require to achieve their purpose.

Across the various sectors that I have enjoyed working and learning within, culture has been the connecting piece – the overriding common aspect for success in all these environments. Whenever a group of people work together towards a common goal, there will be culture, accidental or intentional. Hence my passion for making these things visible and increasing people’s ability to name and direct an intentional culture that provides the conditions for the individual and the company to thrive.

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Lynne Witynski

Business Coach - Coaching for Change

Throughout my career I’ve had the privilege of working with people from all walks of life and backgrounds who strive to give back – to their employer, their staff, their clients and the community at large. Inevitably these are the people who’s personal values align with the values and mission of their organisation.

When these two value systems are out of sync, problems can arise. As an HR professional, mediator and organisational coach, I’m often called in to ascertain what lies beneath an apparent problem to help effect some positive change. Often clarity is the key issue that’s missing between or amongst individuals. That might mean anything from a facilitated conversation, through to training or support.

Over the years, I’ve come to see that people don’t come to work to fail – almost everyone wants to succeed. That’s the reason I started my own coaching business – to help bring out the best in individuals and assist employers attract and retain a highly skilled workforce. My objective is to help others see alternative paths for managing change and be able to reach their potential.

Coaching For Change is a Melbourne based company specialising in assisting individuals to achieve their professional goals and corporate clients to recruit and retain the people best suited to meet their organisation’s objectives.

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Lee-Anne Hunt & Tegan Rose

HR Specialists - HR Dept

Human Resources plays such an important role in the cultural tone of a company - from the policies they develop, their hiring and on-boarding practices, to the way they manage employee grievances and provide support for people across the business . Employees often take their cue on how to do their jobs and what the cultural norms of an organisation are from the moment the company hires them, and HR is more often than not responsible for many of those first impressions. We are passionate, experienced Human Resources practitioners with a wealth of knowledge across many industries, and complementary skills and approaches to staff engagement and development, employment relations and change management. Our aim is to understand your business so we can provide customised solutions that not only ensure compliance, but allow your people to thrive, perform at their best, and give you back the time to achieve your business dreams.

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Why the name Salple?

We chose our namesake, the sea salp, because we think they’re a lot like organisations.

Individual salps, as unique as snowflakes, come together, cooperatively, to build something more amazing and beautiful than any single salp on its own could.

This is a picture of a Salp colony, living its purpose. We think it’s a pretty cool story.