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Salpulse is a software platform designed to keep your Culture Code alive and fresh

In our culture research with CEOs we found that whilst organisations might have a purpose or values, very few actively live their values or use them as a filter for making decisions, working together and delivering the experience their clients are looking for.  We found that even when values existed, very few employees (or even Senior Leaders) knew what they were – or used those values to influence their behaviour. 

In response to this dilemma, we developed Salpulse, our Culture Activation Platform.  It’s been designed specifically to help embed and activate Culture Codes, providing a behavioural operating system that helps organisations leverage their culture to bring their strategy to life. 


Based on the neuroscience of habits, salpulse is built on 3 interlocking principles, that reinforce desired behaviours – and create habits – that will advance your purpose and bring your strategic objectives to life.

1 | Remind people of the elements of your culture code (eg: purpose, shared ambition, values and behaviours) – Short, sharp and often shifts concepts from working memory into long term memory where habits can form – and desired behaviours became part of “the way we do things around here”.

2 | Share stories about your values and the difference you’re making in the lives of your customers – People connect emotionally to a concept through narrative. Stories focused on reinforcing your Purpose and Values thicken the threads of the behaviours you want to encourage, and help people in the moments that matter, make decisions that advance your purpose.

3 | Recognise behaviours that exemplify your values or have advanced your Purpose.  Praise (particularly public praise) triggers dopamine release which increases enjoyment, sharpens focus and reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) resulting in clearer, better decisions and stronger collaboration towards what matters most for your organisation.


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